All Players must reside in the same HS district, or go to the same school, or belong to the same church.

Games will consist of two 20 minute halves / 3 minute halftimes / 5 minute warmups. 

Site Director has the right to shorten warmups/halftimes if games start running behind schedule.

Games may start up to 10 minutes early IF agreed upon by both coaches!

Clock will stop on time outs, injuries, and all whistles in the last 2 minutes of each half. 

In the 3rd & 4th grade divisions the shooter will be permitted to jump over the line on free throws but cannot be the 1st person to touch the rebound!

Mercy rule - once a team gets a 20 pt. lead the clock will not stop in the last 2 minutes of each half and there will be no full court defenses permitted by leading team until the lead drops below 20 points.

Each team will get three 30 second timeouts per game 

Overtime periods will be 2 minutes in length with one 30 second timeout for each team (no carryovers).

3rd overtime is sudden death-1st team to score wins the game!

2 free throws will be awarded on the 10th foul of each half (no one & one bonus in the games)! 

Doors will open 20 minutes before the first game of the day-PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLIER!

Only eligible players plus a maximum of three (3) coaches on the team's bench.

All teams should have their own warm up balls—none are available at the sites!

All teams must show proof of grade & school for ALL PLAYERS.  Please bring a copy of their report card (the copy must show players name, grade and school on it) and turn them into the facility site director NO LATER THAN DEC. 10th!

No player is permitted to play on more than 1 team IN THE SAME GRADE!

All types of defense are allowed with the following exceptions;                                                                                                                                                        

GOLD DIVISION-any type of full court defenses are permitted for the entire game (unless the mercy rule is in effect).                                                                                                                                                         

SILVER DIVISIONS (5th/6th) AND ALL 3rd AND 4th GRADES—in the first half once control of the ball has been established there will be no defense permitted until the ball crosses half court (basically no full court defense).  In the second half full court defenses are permitted!  First violation is a warning! 2nd and all additional violations will result in 2 technical free throws (not charged as a technical foul to any player or coach and is not counted as a team foul either).

All grades will use the 28.5 size basketball. Please bring your own warmup basketballs.  Game ball will be provided!

We will provide concession stands, scorekeepers and 2 certified referees for games.

Technical fouls will be handled as follows:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Player - Two technical fouls in one game will result in a disqualification for the remainder of the game plus a suspension from the next game.                             Coach - Two technical fouls in one game results in a disqualification for the remainder of the game. Must leave the building, not permitted to watch.               Team -  Coaches are responsible for all members of his/her team - this includes all parents and/or spectators representing their team.

Any misconduct deemed inappropriate, unacceptable, unsafe &/or abusive may result in a forfeit(s) - NO REFUNDS

Daily Admission fees are — ADULTS = $4,  SR CITIZENS = $3 (60+)  STUDENTS = $2 (K-12th GRADES)    5 & UNDER = FREE

TIEBREAKERS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2 TEAMS TIED  =  The result of the head to head game!                                                                                                                                                                                                        3+ TEAMS TIED  =  A) point differential in the games played between the tied teams (maximum pt. differential +/- 20 points to discourage running up the score)     B) point differential in games played amongst tied teams (maximum pt. differential +/- 20 points to discourage running up the score)    C) point differential in ALL games played  (maximum pt. differential +/- 20 points to discourage running up the score)  D) best defense—least points allowed in games played    E) coin flip